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                              Celebrating  the  Arts & Crafts  in  Bozeman,  Montana 


"The  word  that  is  best  loved  in  the  language  of  every  nation  is  home,  for  when  a  man's  home  is  born  out  of  his  heart  and  developed  through  his  labor  and  perfected  through  his  sense  of  beauty,  it  is  the  very  cornerstone  of  his  life." 

Gustav  Stickley

       Welcome to Arts & Crafts of Bozeman.   If you're one of over 150 homeowners of a Craftsman style home, within the historical area of Bozeman, who has recently received a flyer and would like to participate in developing this page by sharing pictures and history of your Craftsman home, with its complementary elements (fireplace, built-in-furniture, lights, ceramics, stained glass, textiles, furniture, etc.), the following is how we can began to gather, compile, and share our common interests for the Arts & Crafts style.

     My goal is to have Arts & Crafts of Bozeman  be an avenue for people to share their common interest in the Arts and Crafts style.  I have created a blog for us to express our creative ideas for achieving this goal.  While the product of this collaboration will be a historical reference on the Arts & Crafts movement's influences, the process will be forming a community of new friendships founded on the very "cornerstone" of our lives, our homes. 

The following are two, of many, features for Arts & Crafts of Bozeman:

    The first feature will be a slideshow consisting of the many Craftsman homes in Bozeman.  To present these Craftsman homes with the colorful backdrop of spring, I have begun to schedule photo sessions.  No pictures will be taken or published without homeowner's permission.  These sessions will take 15 to 20 minutes and will consist of 4 to 5 pictures: 1 or 2 of the whole house and the rest focused on specific exterior Craftsman elements.  After all the homes are photographed, I will produce the introductory slideshow for, Arts & Crafts of BozemanIf you're interested in having your home part of this slideshow, please email, visit, or phone me, and I will schedule a photo session.  Thanks. 

     Another feature I envision is a historical study of Bozeman's Craftsman architecture and complementary artworks.  This more in-depth study will include historical research of specific Craftsman homes in Bozeman, including their exterior/interior complementary artworks and fixtures, as mentioned above. Each house being featured will have its own historical page with photos and historical information for both its architectural design and complementary artworks.  These photo sessions, along with gathering historical information, will take 1 to 2 hours of your time.  All Craftsman homes are eligible for this historical research study.  I will schedule the photo/information sessions in the order I receive the request.  Before anything is published on the internet, it has to be approved by the homeowner.  If a large number of requests are received (I'm hoping), not all the homes will make the debut of this page, but they will gradually be included.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks Again.

I have included a special section in my Links of Interest page for those interested in learning more about Craftsman homes.