Prairie Home Furniture

Celebrating  The  Arts & Crafts  in  Bozeman,  Montana

“The  majestic  oak  takes  well  over  a  hundred  years  to  mature.   We  should  honor  this  maturity  by  designing  Furniture  equaling  this  longevity.”

Gustav  Stickley


      Over a hundred years have passed since Gustav Stickley featured his Craftsman furniture in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Many of his furniture pieces are still being enjoyed today, not to mention sought after by collectors.

      Therefore, in keeping with the high standards set by Stickley, I have given a life-time warranty on all my furniture.  If ever a piece structually fails due to poor design, poor materials, and/or poor workmanship, you have a choice of a full refund or a replacement. 

      In regards to the finish, each type of finish comes with its own set of instructions  for maintaining the rich quality of the quarter sawn white oak.  I recommend the hand rubbed tung oil finish for its depth, richness, and feel.  Depending on temperature and humidity, it takes two to three weeks to apply the necessary five coats of tung oil to seal the oak.  Even with this protection, staining and/or scratches can occur.  I will always be available to remedy any damage.