Prairie Home Furniture TM 

Celebrating  the  Arts & Crafts  in  Bozeman,  Montana

                                                          By  Designer And Craftsman  Steve Keuch  



       Relief by Blackfoot Native                     Willie Crawford                               Heart Butte, MT




Slideshow and Gallery Photos by

Jeffery H Vick

 Bozeman, Montana




         Wallpaper designed by           William Morris 1896 


     Although promoting my fine woodworking endeavors within the Arts and Crafts style initiated the construction of this web site, it soon became apparent this wasn't going to be my sole purpose or even my priority when the site reached its online debut.

     Initially, the Arts and Crafts style became a perfect match for my pragmatic approach to fine woodworking.  As I became more familiar with the social ideals, which propelled the Arts and Crafts movement to a worldwide  phenomenon in the late 19th century, I began to shift my business practice from solely selling furniture to opening avenues to share a communal art experience.  To enhance our appreciation of the Arts and Crafts style, I have developed the Links of Interest page.     

     Furniture of the Arts and Crafts style, commonly referred to as Craftsman or Mission, remains popular for its utilitarian aspects in design, material, and construction.  The slideshow displays these utilitarian aspects in my work:  the focus on proportionality, the integrity of its mortised and pegged thru-tenons, dovetail joinery, wooden drawer slides, solid planked backs/shelves, leaded glass panes, hand tied spring seating system, top grain leather upholstery, copper/bronze hardware, and the majestic medullary rays radiating through the hand rubbed tung oil finish on cabinet grade quartersawn white oak.  My signiture for each piece is an inlaid buffalo nickel.       

       Bozeman, along with other Montana cities, has a wide variety of Arts and Craft style architecture.  It is my hope to feature these homes with their complementary artworks (ceramics, stained glass, textiles, furniture, etc.) on the page Arts & Crafts of Bozeman.    

“What business have we with art

 at all unless all can share it?”

William Morris