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Celebrating the Arts & Crafts of Butte


This past summer, my wife and I explored the availability of craftsman homes on the Bozeman market in hope of finding a small fixer-upper which we could  renovate and use as a showcase for my Arts & Crafts furniture, however, the few bungalows available were out of our financial reach.  Late August while my wife and I were driving through the neighborhood near Montana Tech in Butte, MT. we drove by the house pictured.  A for sale sign beckoned us to take a closer examination. The price was already reduced and even this new price was out of our financial reach.  We submitted an offer we could afford.  In short, we were able to purchase the home on September 20, 2011.   The best way to learn and appreciate the craftsmanship of a bungalow is by doing an extensive renovation.  I soon discovered the craftsmanship was phenomenal.

With little remodeling in its 98 year history, the house is a time capsule, as illustrated below.  Under the 60's carpeting in the dining and living room floors lie a herring-bone maple floor, WOW!!   The other room floors have linear (quarter-sawn) Douglas fir, except for the 1st floor bathrooms, which have ceramic tile laid over 5 inches of concrete, poured between the 2X10 floor joists (was meant to last).

I will be adding text and pictures as I proceed.  Feel free to email your suggestions and thoughts concerning this project.  I'm currently working on the roof and the kitchen, depending on the weather.  I'm usually at the house Monday- Wednesday, 1161 Platinum, corner of Platinum and Western.  Stop by.  

How time flies, it's November 10, 2012, more than 14 months have past since my last posting. Although, I thought I would have this house completed by now, I have no regrets.  The people in the neighborhood have been both positive and supportive in my renovation endeavors.  This has made all the difference!! 

I am currently working on several sub-pages which include several different aspects of  this restoration, the first being "The Roof".  Since several of these restoration aspects were/are going on simultaneously, I have tried to separate them by giving each aspect its own sub-page.  I will try to do my best to maintain some sense of logical order in which I positioned these sub-pages, but as anyone, who's been involved in a restoration project, realizes the countless situations which leads one to follow illogical methods of "progression" (my glass being half full at the moment).   I hope you'll enjoy reading my personal trials and tribulations with this beautiful bungalow.  As always, feel free to contact me with questions, comments and suggestions.  THANKS!!!